Our journey

How we achieve international recognition

The story began in 1994, when Edson da Silva - at just 14 years old - started working as an apprentice prosthetic in a laboratory in São Paulo, Brazil. Two years later, at the age of 16, he was already recognized as a prosthetic technician. Edson da Silva went through several laboratories in order to develop professionally and that is how, in 2003, he opened his first laboratory in the region of Lapa, in São Paulo.

And then ES Laboratório was born, later ESpremiumlab, which today is known as Premiumlab by Edson da Silva. Laboratory that began its international recognition in 2008, when together with dentists Christian Coachman, Murilo Calgaro and Rodrigo Monsano together made the first connection between Brazil and Belgium, in order to conclude cases for Dr. Eric Vandoren.

In 2011, Premiumlab was consolidated in national and international territory, with 25 employees. It was then that Edson da Silva decided to expand his knowledge by taking a degree in Dentistry at the Bandeirantes University in São Paulo. Starting to work in dentistry, with specific cases
complete oral rehabilitation.
The move to Portugal came at the invitation of European dentists, who would like to work with Premiumlab. In 2016, Premiumlab was installed in Lisbon, a city that welcomes them until today.In 2021, also with the same philosophy, he opened the clinic in order to attend specific cases.


Positively impact the lives of our customers, patients and
employees, align and exceed expectations whenever this
for possible.
Respecting others, the environment and
developing are our absolute values, thus providing a humanized and excellent service.


Provide humanized and excellent dental care to positively impact the lives of our customers, patients and employees. Perform continuous development, respecting others and the environment, to continue to exceed expectations.


Ethics and professionalism in all jobs.
Provide personalized and exclusive service to all our customers.
Build a solid relationship with all our employees and help in the personal development of each one.